Going On The Vacation Of Your Dreams Without Spending A Lot Of Money

In the past, family vacations were events that families looked forward to and were usually once a year events but in this day and age, due to the rising cost of living, family vacations or any vacations at all are almost unheard of because most young families are always struggling for money and saving up every extra cent they have in case of a medical emergency and also for their children’s college education that they have doubts they will be able to afford. Most of these young parents are busy working long hard hours in a struggle to earn money and rarely take time off work because every bit of money matters in these hard times. Even when they do have the opportunity to take a break, these parents would take their children to a place like their grandparent’s home or somewhere else that is away from home but is not exactly a vacation.

Making a wish listIf you would like to take your family on vacation to a beautiful place or if you simply need time off from life and you need a break to relax and get your mind away from the many financial struggles of life, you should start with making a list of the places that you would like to visit one day. Look through travel magazines and travel websites online to short list some beautiful places that you would like to visit even if they are expensive. If you have always wanted to visit Bali, you can make a list of some amazing villas in Seminyak, has some beautiful and affordable places to stay in addition to giving you a chance to visit one of the world’s top beaches. You will also find many places that are on offer and that have great deals. If you are lucky, you might even find some great deals at some of the luxury villas.Seminyak is one of the world’s best known tourist destinations because of its beautiful, stunning beaches.

You can earn money while you are on holiday by starting a travel video blog where you can record your journey to your destination and then your experiences. Websites like Youtube will pay you a lot of money for the views that you get and this way, if your videos are good enough and your get enough of views, you will be able to cover up the entire cost of your vacation. You can also rent your own house out on a short term basis while you are away to tourists looking for a place to stay.