How To Manage In A Foreign Land?

If you are planning on travelling to a foreign land on a long term basis or if you are already living in a foreign land these tips maybe helpful to you. As a person who lived from the hometown for almost 20 years now, I can assure you that these tips and ideas has helped me and my family a lot in terms of getting along and adapting to the different cultures and values.


The first and foremost thing you need to take care of is your attitude. Your attitude towards others in the foreign land and their way of life is going to the most determining factor of how well you can cope with them. Your attitude will not only affect the way you see them but it will also affect the way they look at you. So, always try to maintain a positive and welcoming attitude.

Taunting / Bullying

If you are of a different ethnic group or race and or religion from the majority of those in the country, it is inevitable that you will be subjected to taunting or bullying just for being different. It is something that you will definitely have to deal with. The important thing is to deal with it in a diplomatic way. For some bullying and taunting it is best if you ignore them. Whilst for others you will need to speak up and show them you don’t care what they have to say. The latter is especially the case when it is constant. The former would be a one off instance, like when you are walking on the streets or going to your place of well known accommodation booking that you had made.


You will also need to be socially active to interact with as many people as possible. As only then will you be able to have people who will be willing to help you out in any difficult situation that may arise. Socializing is also a good idea if you want to be known. Helping out in social events and parties are a great way too. You can take over the accommodation reservation Kowloon East part or make crafts at the charity fair. Only then will you be included in their circle and more people will be willing to help you out.


Finally, you will need to make many sacrifices whether you like it or not. At times when I go vacationing back to my homeland, the familiar smells and the people actually make me let a huge sigh go. I feel relieved. But then again with time it became quite the opposite. I started to feel like the foreign land was my home and let the huge sigh when I come back here after a vacation!