Ideas For Starting A Blog

If you are interested in writing, and you wish to earn some money while you’re at it, you should start a blog. There are so many things to blog about so you can base it on your interests and things you are good at. The start will be slow since you need to develop a readership but once you have an audience it can turn into a full time job. You can get revenue by advertising on your blog and by partnering with local businesses to promote their products in the articles your write.  Travel blogging

You can start a travel blog. This is a great way to earn money and travel the world at the same time. At first you will have to fund these trips on your own but once the blog takes off you will find yourself being invited to a lot of places, for instance by hotels that want their establishments promoted on your website. You will be like a tour guide who recommends the best activities to people who wish to travel to exotic places. For instance if you travel to Thailand you can write an article as a private tour guide Bangkok Thailand so that people will know about your experiences and they can follow your footsteps and experience the ones you deem worthy for themselves. If you think that a place that is widely promoted is not worth the visit they can know about it before hand and do something else with their time instead.  

You can also follow various series’ such as different holiday packages that hotels offer so that your readers will know which ones are worth the money. You can make things very interesting for example by writing something like Fiji all inclusive honeymoon packages where you try out different Thai private tour guide Bangkok and rate them.  

Lifestyle blogging

You can advice people if you start a lifestyle blog. This can cover so many different topics. You can discuss makeup or home décor or arts and crafts on your blog. They can be ideas that your readers can use in their daily lives or instructional Vietnam holiday packages or articles.

Blogging about food

If you are keen on food you can start a food blog. If you have good photography skills you can combine this with your knack for writing and post pictures of different meals. It can be great advertising that restaurants in your area would be willing to pay for. This is a great way to share your passion whether you are a great cook or whether you are simply a “foodie”.