Planning Your Wedding With A Low Budget


The rustic weddings in Yarra Valley do not require the luxuriousness and lavishness as marriages, which are held in lavish hotels, locations, etc. These mainly involved outdoor setting.

These country weddings do not need many decorations as the outdoor natural setting is sufficient to entertain your guests. Everything is natural, such as, a national park with beautiful tall trees, sheds, cool breeze, beaches and above all the open sky.

Wandin Park Estate provides a  great location for weddings as well as accommodation for guests. 

You do not need to spend much in decoration.

The main motive is to include nature with all its beauties on your extraordinary day. Nature’s beauty plays the important role of decorating your marriage.

1. Flowers

Buy fresh colorful flowers to decorate the tables. Do not use expensive flowers but go for cheap ones, such as, daisies, sunflowers and lots of greenery. Use tall vases to decorate the flowers.

2. Fun fillers

For decoration, use low or high glass bowls and fill them with colorful glass beads, pebbles, colorful marbles, with various candies and fruits. Use fillers which match with the room color and marriage theme.

3. Double duty

Use a decoration which does double duty, such as, festooned picture frames, distribute red rose to the guests which they can carry home. You can arrange for small candy boxes for guests. Give small inexpensive gifts to the children.

4. Proper decoration lights

The marriage and the dining room should be properly decorated. In the room, you can light candles on the table to create a quixotic glow. But if it is an outdoor marriage, then candles are of no use. You can decorate the room with decorative lights and with chandeliers. You just have to hire a decorator to do this job. Tell him your budget and he will do the needful within that range. Add flashes of colorful lightings at regular intervals, this will create moments of joy among the guests. Children in particular will wait for that moment as they get thrilled with odd things. The main motive is to keep your guests entertained.

5. Catering

The marriage food should be delicious and mouth-watering. For this, you need an efficient caterer. Ask him what food he could provide for your marriage. Request him that the food should be cooked hygienically and low cholesterol oils should be used in preparing the food. If you approve his menu then it is okay, otherwise, you can ask him to prepare the dishes as per your liking. Tell him your budget so that he can stick to it. Before ordering the dishes, you must take his estimate and see that it does not cross your budget.