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They at Extra Green allow you to explore Australia. The following package proposes a four day tour to Sydney with stay at a four star hotel.

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In today’s age and time there are numerous travelling companies with hundred and one offers for customers but there is rarely any that provides these four features in one. Hence, when it comes to travelling Extra Green should be your immediate response! They along with many other facilities guarantee these four aspects of travelling: first is the price- they guarantee the most cost effective packages that do not take a toll on your pocket, second is their team- which comprises of all experts and professionals be it be their drivers or tour guides. Third is the facility of a coach that meets all standards of what one can claim as luxurious which their tourists enjoy while sightseeing. And last but the foremost important for people in the world today is the Wi-Fi connection while travelling that too FREE!

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For any queries or bookings you can contact them either through a call at +61 3 9623 9900 or by writing them an email at: enquiries@extragreen.com.au.

Details of this Visit are

Their visit to Sydney is one of the most prevalent visits, and there is no question as to why. When in Australia visiting Sydney must not be missed! It is not only Australia’s capital but the biggest inland city as well. It is home to some of the most important government buildings such as the parliament, the embassies and numerous tourist attractions including the iconic Opera House.

Some of the hall mark buildings and avenues that you shall be visiting within this four day tour are as follows: Hyde Park, Sydney China Town, Australian War Memorial, Harbor Bridge, Nantian Temple and last but the most significant house tour of Sydney Opera. This tour encapsulates accommodation at a 4.5* star hotel for three evenings, with breakfast, followed by the Tasmania day tours in the day with a professional visit director and a transportation for the tour.

What’s in store?

This visit is ideal for the individuals who are on a visit to Melbourne and want to wander out to adventure tours from Sydney as well for a couple of days. Your day will begin at seven in the morning, just after you are finished eating your breakfast. The drive between Melbourne and Sydney are separated in two sections while in transit to Sydney; they stop for a night in Canberra. The cost for external city convenience is $280 and $310 for settlement in Sydney. On The way back from Sydney to Melbourne will be around 10 hours, with stops in the middle of to rest.

Delay of outing and in case you do not show up will be treated as crossing out. Their organization maintains whatever authority is needed to change schedule without earlier notice. Extra green acknowledges no obligation regarding any harm to individual possessions or luggage while on visit. As they profoundly prescribe travel protection before the tour.