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Create Magical Memories With Cammeray Waters

Cammeray Waters is one of the finest venue in Australia, Located just an hour drive from Melbourne. We cater for all type of events, whether you are in need for a wedding venue or a corporate conference venues we have you covered. We have a highly professional team who are always there to cater to all your needs and requirements and ensure your event goes smoothly while you can enjoy yourself.  Why is Cammeray Waters an ideal Wedding venue? Surrounded by 3 beautiful lakes, our venue proves to be one of the most magnificent sights to host weddings. Our wedding day holds a special place in our hearts it is one of the most emotional day in our lives, It is the day we are finally uniting with our significant other who we will possibly live our life time with. Cammeray Water ensures to make that day as picture perfect as you see in the movies by superiorly decorating the venue with our creative and innovative designs so you can take classy pictures with your significant other and you friends and family. Wedding pictures are one of the most essential part of a wedding, Not only we try to look our best on that day but they also serve as a source to relive the memory when we view it years later. We try to provide our clients with their desired wedding menu and the most exquisite wine available in the country to add to the magical experience. We have been a source of providing hundreds of couple with their fairytale wedding. So if you are looking to make your wedding magical and find the perfect https://www.cammeraywaters.com.au/gisborne/ then consult Cammeray Waters today. We will happily assist you and make arrangements as per your requirements.   Perfect venue for Corporate meetings It can get really difficult to find a proper corporate conference venue which not only provides a professional environment but also looks magnificently beautiful to provide a perfect environment to host a wedding. So, if you have been looking for a venue to host that big meeting for your business then there is no better place for you than Cammeray Waters. Our team ensures that we provide you with all the required equipment such as state of the art computers and projectors for your meeting to make it look as professional as possible. Our venue provides accommodation to up to 80 people at once, and dining to take a break from the proceedings to enjoy the delicious food prepared by our culinary experts. Our team will ensure you meetings proceed smoothly without any problems so you can leave a long lasting impression. Cammeray Waters is the ideal event venue whether it is for a magical birthday celebration or an emotional wedding ceremony. We are fully dedicated with our services to provide a memorable experience which you can look back and cherish. So if you are looking to make your wedding, birthday or any event something right out of a movie then Cammeray Waters is the place for you to go. hotel-lux