How To Treat Your Employees Well?

You may have seen or read hundreds of articles on how to treat your employees and this article will not be any different. True, a lot of articles have been written on this topic and you will think “what is the point?” Well, the point is that this is rather important and that is why there are tons of articles about it. Whether you run a small business or a five star business hotel how you treat your employees’ matters and it matters a lot. Your employees are the integral part of your business and they are like the spinal cord of a body. If the spinal cord malfunctions then the whole body paralyzes and ceases to work efficiently. Just like that a business runs smoothly only if your work force is happy and is looked after well.

No one likes to work in miserable working conditions as I am sure even you would not like to work in such a manner if your roles are reverses. It is true that you pay them for the work they do and you provide them with all the benefits that the government regulations require you to give them but that is not going to be enough. Your employees must feel like they belong and that they work not for a dictator but for a person who will look after their welfare. The leader must care. Whether you care for them or not is yours to decide but at least they must feel like that you are taking an effort to look after them.

Everybody needs a reason to for something. That is our rational mind making decisions for us. Just like that your employees need a reason to work for you. You might think “hey, isn’t getting paid a good enough reason?” Yes getting paid is the reason they come to work and work for you but that will not ensure that they will like working for you. You may think that it is not a big deal if they don’t like working for you and all but the truth is this is a big deal. If they don’t like working for you then they will work just enough for them to earn their pay check without getting kicked out but that’s just about it best dim sum in Bangkok. They will not give their maximum 100% for you. The efficiency will reduce and you will get stuck with an inefficient and unproductive work force. Make their work environment a pleasant one. Ensure that you leave enough space for creative ideas. Be a leader who listens rather than tells people what to do.