Visiting An Amazing Holiday Destination

The blue hue surrounding the region has evidently given the name to the region as the Blue Mountains, which is a mountainous region in New South Wales, Australia. The cultural heritage of the Aboriginals can be easily explored as it is the traditional home for the Gundungurra and Darug people. The place offers some beautiful scenic beauty in terms of landscape with waterfalls, canyons, rivers, bush land and many more. It is a perfect place for tourists and travelers who love adventurous nature walks and trails as it has some great mountains and hills all around the region.

Tourists can easily travel from Sydney by car or bus. The blue mountains tour takes about two hours to reach the place. Katoomba is one of the largest villages of the area and a perfect place to start your exploration of the landscape. The Three Sisters rock formation and the Scenic World is located in this village. Wentworth Falls is another town which offers spectacular sightseeing and trails. The Jamison Valley and the beautiful waterfall view is quite a tourist attraction of this place. Nearby places like Leura and Blackheath are also places of must visit. Cafes, restaurants and joints are lining the towns and are budget friendly.

Thousands of people plan for blue mountains tour and flock the region for its varied natural attractions and cultural heritage. The place has plenty to offer to different age groups. It has several picnic spots, which are perfect for children. It is also a place for romantic escapes and honeymoon as it has many secluded and serene locations which offer privacy and seclusion to newly married couples. The adventure lovers and nature lovers will love the place as it offers several trails and bushwalking. Accommodation too is not a problem as it has many options in terms of hotels, guesthouses, cottages and camps which are affordable and will suit the pocket.

The place offers good dining experience to tourists and travelers with its rich and plentiful seasonal produce. Some famous restaurants and chefs too reside here and offer great food to the travelers. Shopping will also be fun as there are many markets in and around the place. Handmade handicrafts, antiques, aboriginal souvenirs are famous too. The towns have many hidden down laneways lined with shops which sell some amazing antiques and souvenirs to tourists. Travelers can find some perfect shopping arcades in towns like Blackheath, Katoomba and Leura. Weekend markets are held too.

The destination is also famous for its cultural events and exhibitions which take place throughout the year. Musical and theatre performances, cultural events related to art and culture, dramatic performances and stage shows are often held here. Therefore this place is perfect for holidaying.