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Luxury Homes In Up And Coming Thailand

Thailand is now the place to be in South East Asia. Home to the second largest and most robust economy in the region, Thailand is showing a lot of promise as one of the best countries to live in in Asia. Thanks to its strong economic growth, diversification of industries and opportunities for youth, many affluent individuals are looking to buying their permanent home in the urban centres of this soaring, shining country. Here are some of the available options:

Special Neighbourhoods
For those who still want to cling to the feeling of companionship and community that a village affords them, there are community schemes in the suburbs which feature either pre-built houses grouped together in neatly ordered plots of land, or plots of land that have been marked off for buyers to build their houses on. Schemes are a great way to get in with a good crowd of people because the property agency has the final say in who they sell to, and reputable dealerships are very careful to attract a good crowd. This is a great option for young couples looking to build a family home or invest in their forever home. Properties are usually located within easy commuting distance of centre cities to make it convenient for the working crowd to get to work, but are far away enough that they can ‘get away’ when they want.

Privacy and Luxury
The condo in Bangkok is an up and coming new building venture that is attracting a lot of affluent individuals who are single, as well as couples who do not have families to think of. These are located in high rise buildings or as ground units and feature the most modern facilities and services including security, surveillance, sanitation and comfort. There are usually 2-3 rooms, a living space that flows into a dining area and a kitchen. Space is at a premium, but every creature comfort is catered to. Condos situated in a bigger building scheme usually have access to a gym, pool and other common facilities as well.

Serviced Apartments
This is for the seriously rich and famous because serviced apartments provide concierge service and household staff as well. Most houses are usually for short term rent only, as in for use during holidays. However, there are many buildings that offer long term rental options as well. These housing units function like round the clock hotels, with permanent staff assigned to each household. At any given point there can be a cook and maids in one house along with a security guard assigned to each floor. Occupants only need to pay their rent and enjoy life.